Safety Tips for First-Time Security Officers

safety-tips-for-first-time-security-officersAs a Security Guard in Bakersfield, California, it’s your duty to keep the people that you serve safe from threats and other harm. However, this will depend largely on how prepared and confident you are to respond to emergencies.

It’s normal to feel jitters, especially if it’s your first time on the job.

After all, working as a security guard isn’t exactly the walk in the park that most people expect it to be.

You may have to deal with cases of crime and theft that could put your safety and your life at risk.

We want you to be prepared for your first day on the field. This is why, today, our Security Guard Company in Newhall, California is giving you these three simple safety tips to help you avoid hazardous scenarios on your first day.

  • Double-check equipment
    Most Security Guard Services in California don’t provide their security officers with guns. But if you have a gun and other protective equipment to use for the job, make sure they’re all functional. Check for any missing tools like your radio or flashlight. The last thing you want is to encounter a situation without the proper equipment to protect yourself.
  • Be in tune with your surroundings
    Watch out for any peculiar sounds or smells that you come across during your shift. These could be signs that something is amiss. Furthermore, get familiar with your workplace as soon as possible by studying the floor plan of your building.
  • Plan ahead
    Creating a security plan for your workplace is essential for any first-time or veteran security guard. This gives you a guideline to follow in case anything goes wrong. You should be able to predict what could go wrong during certain situations and have a contingency plan for it.

Altha Private Security Services, Inc. promises our clients complete security and protection against all possible threats that could take advantage of their business or institution. Contact us today to get started planning your security in Kern County and other areas.

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