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When it comes to finding a trusted security guard company in Newhall, California, you can count on our security professionals to get the job done right. You can guarantee that when you trust us with your security needs, you get full-service solutions that will effectively protect your assets, employees, and clients from any man-made risks, such as theft, fraud, or other dangers that may compromise your business.

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From assessing your facility to deploying experienced professionals to handle your security needs, you can guarantee that partnering with us means you get hands-on services like no other.

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When it comes to the protection of your assets and the safety of your employees and clients, it's crucial that you choose to partner with the right security provider who has seasoned professionals on their team. That is exactly what Altha Private Security Services, Inc. can offer you. Know more about why you should consider choosing us as your security provider of choice.

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We make it our commitment to aid clients in guaranteeing the safety of their business, employees, and clients through our security personnel and solutions. [ About Us ]